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ajos emporium bbs
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I have created a new section on the website. It is intended to be a place where expression meets with true interaction. Please visit the following to explore and express yourself: Thank you, ajos

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ajos Vocals
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Poetic Wax for Tympanic Membranes was officially released in May of 2006. Based upon my poetry, this music project was created for the sole purposes of vocal expression and as a means to show the natural rhythm of my poetry in spite of the lack of rhyme. After many months of labor, Poetic Wax has found its way to my web store, and I have truly found my poetic “voice”. Samples can be hearrd at the following url: and can be purchased at the ajosemporium store. Please enjoy the samples provided, and I look forward to feedback as a means to lead into my next music project.

Thank you, ajos

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Please take time.
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Please take time to post your impressions of Amorphous Models of the Soul.

Thank you, ajos

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050605 A Name That Tips the Tongue
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A name that tips the tongue
but stays withdrawn
has become a part of me
though it cannot stay for long

Within my mind, I find it a comfort
when I awaken in the morning
or go down for my evening slumber

The name, it tips my tongue
and sometimes, within the darkness
it escapes my lips
into the air
as I provide
a stream of tears


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050605 The Last of Me
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The last of me
was long ago
I burned so brightly
and then fell short

The end of passion
which reigned so well
left me reeling
and under passion’s spell

I have revel in
my memories
and oft times look back
upon my embittered history
to find the moment
when I first portrayed
myself in a happy role
in this, my life’s play

Within a memory
I can find
true happiness
though the path
was unkind

And, beholding
the light in the sky
this memory, this moment
never diffuses, never dies


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Welcome to ajosemporium.. please take a little time to express yourself..  Poetry and Prose are accepted and posted by the site owner. Please check back for your post..

Thank you,

Responses from ajos
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050605 RE: Good Things/ Jeanne
When following a dream
within the heart of me
I resonate with freedom
denied the pain of hindrance

050605 RE: Smeared Canvas’/anon
The canvas that I smear
Is held in high regard
to that which brings me closer
to one distict moment of being alive
The canvas that I smear
portrays an empty heart
and every day the voice within
it screams for something more
as the canvas that I smear
keeps one moment alive
as I draw breath to live and breathe
it haunts me like a ghost
that wishes and yearns
to be reborn ajos
050905 RE: Freedom For Chains/anon

I have cried so many times for this cause
the chains that bind me and weigh me down
my heart is weighted by a single name
that cries out in darkness and pain,
though intention is light
and with definite gain
My heart cries out
for that freedom again
It cries and I do
for that freedom yet again.


051205 What Good Is/anon

Sorrow should not be for inspiration
Nor should it lend apology for instigation
The spark that brings forth
a passionatly burning flame
within the place
where happiness and sorrow reign

Do not believe in the hinderance
of distance
do not lack delight when there
is no resistance

Truth and beauty may still exist
within the boundaries
of words and feelings, such as these
they wrap around our consciousness
and falter to concrete existence
the whimsy of the heart
our thoughts that bind us
within the beauty of this world
where spirit lacks this true conformity

Where sorrow and happiness reign forever
where delight and whimsy
are shining stars
within the breadth of a limitless sky
find inspiration
within the starry eyes


051305 smiles/anon

within this course
and brightened smiles
we find a line
needing to be crossed
over the years
as the pain never lessens
we still find the inspiration to smile


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