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Welcome to ajosemporium.. please take a little time to express yourself..  Poetry and Prose are accepted and posted by the site owner. Please check back for your post..

Thank you,

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  1. Jeanne Says:
    Your work comes straight from your soul dear ajos.. and is beautiful, just like you! Best of luck with your venture here..There are good things coming your way! -jeanne
  2. 09121999 Says:
    “the canvas’ that I smear with paint hold images that are ghostly and divine”
  3. 09121999 Says:
    Freedom for Chains…

    Freedom always makes a trade
    There always is a price that’s paid
    Lives and dreams are sacrificed
    For other lives and dreams, a price
    A prison of my own I make
    In my sleep or when I wake
    Recalling giving up a love
    For little ones and God above
    He paid in full the price for me
    He died himself to set me free
    Yet I fail to return the favor
    Remembering freedom’s tempting flavor
    Of course, again the joke’s on me
    As trades are made no longer free
    No matter who or what I choose
    Myself or God, freedom I lose
    Not counting blessings, eternal gains
    Heavenly choirs,nor grave of flames
    Living without you today
    Feels like trading freedom for chains

  4. 09121999 Says:
    May 5, 2005 What good is beauty if none behold it? What good is work if others destroy it? What good are words if no one listens? What good is love when my heart stiffens? What good is heaven when you’re on Earth? What good is life after birth? Tell me these things and you may know All the passion my heart may grow But don’t waste time placating me Time alone is not enough to Be… More than wasted hours wanting More than lovers faces haunting More than living Earthly glories More than old one’s faded stories More than hoping for the end More than chasing after wind More than coping with the storms More than keeping up with chores Give me something real to touch Give me love that I can clutch Give me strength and hope of heart Give me patience in the dark Take me to that Holy place Beyond what I can see Take me to a place of Grace Where I can dwell with thee
  5. 09121999 Says:
    Smiles to you…and Grace and Peace.
  6. anon Says:
    A note from my journal yesterday… Famous poets long are read after they are gone Where do all the writers go when all their hope is gone Deep within their recessed minds where peace and solace flow Twisted in a sea of doubts and fear and pain and woe There they pluck with well skilled fingers each thought and word and rhyme And place them in iambic pentameter or some cool rhythmic time They try to find just the right word, just the right place, just the right picture Just enough grace In riddles or word pictures they paint their thoughts so well Baring their very souls, a world of stories to tell But all the writer finds in his or her infinite quest Is a mirror reflecting back to them a clearer picture at best. CB 6/26/2006
  7. site admin Says:
    Thank you for the journal entry.. it is well received and it is wonderful to hear your “voice” again. I miss your prolific nature. Please leave us more of your mind! ajos

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